The Gazelle is a weekly student publication, founded by Alistair Blacklock and Amanda Randone in 2013, serving the NYU Abu Dhabi community and the NYU’s greater global network. The Gazelle allows its undergraduate writers and photographers to cover campus and local news and is published online.

The Gazelle is run solely by current undergraduate students. The editors are committed to operating as editorially and financially independent of the university. The Gazelle is an online platform available to the public because the editors believe students interested in professional journalism will not settle on publishing their work when they cannot share it, via social media or email, with people outside the institution. The editors believe that a thoughtful, structured and self-consciously public publication will provide this while creating a framework for constructive discourse. This is the best medium for hosting student voices, stories and ideas than alternative forms of publication. At a time when anyone can publish their work online we see it not only important but vital that students do so collectively.

Opinions expressed in The Gazelle are by editors or columnists and are not those of The Gazelle. Unsigned editorials are all the collective opinion of the Editorial Board. The Gazelle encourages readers to voice their opinions respectfully. Comments are not pre-moderated, but The Gazelle reserves the right to remove comments if deemed to be in violation of this policy. Comments should remain on topic, concerning the article or blog post to which they are connected. Brevity is encouraged.